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Close Control Unit (CCU) also Know as Precision Air Conditioner or Close Control Air Conditioner or Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC) or server room air conditioner use for precise control of Temperature and Humidity required for critical application like Server room, Datacenter, Laboratories, Telecommunication room etc.

Modern IT, Telecommunication & laboratory equipments generates a large amount of heat. The problem further increased with higher density IT kit (e.g. Blade Servers). It is, therefore very essential to use the correct type of precision cooling for server room cooling or Datacenter cooling. Also it is very important to understand air flow requirements within server room & Datacenter. Failing to achieve this can have disastrous results with "deadly" hot-spots just where you don't need them - around your key mission critical servers. Hence efficient precision air conditioning for data center cooling (for cooling server and equipments) is critical factor.

In Nutshell Electronic and information procession equipments requires rigid environment conditions with précised control of temperature & humidity for reliable operation. Close control air conditioning systems is specifically designed for concentrated vertical heat loads of today's data centers.

Precision Air Conditioning systems provides efficient heat removal, excellent humidity control, greater airflow, better air filtration, greater flexibility and expandability with numerous alarms and redundancy options. Precision Air conditioner for server room cooling is available in up flow or down flow type based on air throw. Based on coolant and positioning of coil it is broadly classified into Chilled Water (CW) type and Direct Expansion (DX type) type or Dual Fluid (Chilled water + Direct expansion) type. Some of reputed brands are AIREDALE, Liebert, Denco, Uniflair, stulz, Emicon, blue box etc.

Key Benefits of Close Control Air Conditioning system over converional Air Conditioner are as follow:

  • Precise control of Humidity & temperature along with cleanness :
  • Electronic & Information processing equipments requires environment with precise temperature and humidity control with cleanness. Close Control Unit provides not only precise control of temperature and humidity but also air filtration to remove airborne particles which can cause problems.

  • Reliable operation for 365 days a year:
  • Most of critical application such as Data center, server room, telecommunication rooms etc requires 24x7 availability of cooling environment with précised control of temperature and humidity. Close Control air conditioning Unit is designed run for 365 days 24x7.

  • Energy Saving:
  • Close Control Unit offers a choice of compressor type. Microprocessor control and other optional features are designed to reduce power consumptions and maximize energy saving. This helps in fast Return of Investment (ROI).

  • Cooling of critical Spaces:
  • Close Control Unit offer option of down flow and up flow type. Also it can be designed with maximum air flow so that cool air should reach to all corners of datacenter.