Uninterruptible Power Supply

Uninterruptible Power Supply is commonly known as UPS. It is device which can supply power to your load which reliable, filtered, stabilized and regulated sine wave output as per EN50091-3 specifications. UPS is most commonly used backup power device. Ctrltech offers wide range of uninterruptable power supply ranging from 1kVA to 4800kVA. Uninterrupted power supply is mainly of three types; namely online Uninterruptible power supply or online UPS, offline UPS and Line Interactive UPS.

Ctrltech offer online Uninterruptible power supply system only. Online UPS has Double conversion and VFI technology. Our UPS has IGBT based inverter and rectifier with low input Total harmonic distortion of current (THDi). Low Total Harmonic Distortion which will give minimum impact on mains and reduces Generator and transformer size. Our UPSs are fully Microprocessor controlled with no-break static and manual bypass, extremely high short circuit current capacity to ensure compatibility with the most difficult applications (like lighting, drives and industrial processes). UPSs can be connected in parallel redundant mode up to 6 units. UPSs have facility to install SNMP card for its remote monitoring. It also can be integrated with BMS with help of dry contacts provided in UPS.