UPS Systems

Protect sensitive electronics and equipment during power surges and blackouts with an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system from our extensive line including standby


Close control units

New energy and performance standards require air conditioning systems with precise close control to achieve high reliability,

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Access raised flooring

Access Floor systems provide an effective solution to these new demands while delivering high performance benefits in improving the indoor environment

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Generator sets

Our diesel & gas generator sets are solutions for commercial, industrial facilities & more.

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Battery systems

Our systems integrators will engineer, furnish and install quality products for your specific power needs.

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Voltage stabilizers

We offer a wide range of voltage stabilizers for Industries. Explore this section to choose the best stabilizer for Industries suiting your needs.

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our industrial transformers can be used for applications from 1.25 kV to 33 kV. With the ability to operate at 50 and 60 Hz they can be used for stepping voltage up or down to match system requirements.

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Water leak detection system

Water Leak Detection Systems provide fast detection and location reporting of potentially hazardous fluid leaks.

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Access control and CCTV systems

The installation of CCTV and access control systems allows you to cost-effectively protect your business property from theft and shrinkage and protect your employees from those who seek to do them harm.

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Networking projects

Telephony makes leading Computer Networking in UAE with our broad back ground and skill empower us to integrate items from Cisco, Hp, Dlink, SonicWall, Juniper and Fortinet. We offer exhaustive system answers for your endeavor.

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Fire alarm system

For the world’s high-rise building owners, project managers, camper supervisors, engineers, fire safety directors, and more we have all of your Fire & Life Safety products, services, and then some.

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All electrical, mechanical and civil works

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